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  • What is your approach ?
    Our secret sauce is storytelling with a cinematic approach. Our team has a background in film, acting, set design, cinematography, and much more. We combine these skills to deliver a very unique, and stylized film that is tailored specifically for each new couple, there background, and the venues location, and style. LaMar Productions promises to deliver a wedding film for you like no other.
  • Do you shoot destination wedding, and is there a local travel fee?
    Yes I shoot destination wedding, I have shot all around the states and even out of the country. I'm always looking for a adventure. If your wedding is in another state or country, please inquire for travel fees. There is no travel fee in most of Northern California! If your wedding is somewhere rural and quite a distance from any large city, please check in with the team about a travel fee.
  • What is raw footage ?
    In short, raw footage is the unprocessed, unedited, individual video clips that come straight from all 3 of our cameras. Think of these clips as the “puzzle pieces” to the videos that will be delivered. We’ll hold onto your raw footage for up to 12 months after your wedding so this is something you can always add on after the wedding as well!
  • When will my wedding video be delivered?
    In order for us to have enough time to make the magic happen and create the absolute best wedding film for you, the standard turnaround time is 12 weeks from the date of your wedding.
  • How do you work with photographers, or videographers on the wedding day?
    We work with new photographers ALL of the time! We will always reach out to your photography team, DJ, and venue coordinator before the wedding day to make sure they know we are coming and ask if there’s anything we need to know about how they like to work. Additionally, communication on the wedding day is our utmost priority! We’ll always meet with your photography team before any large events to make sure we both understand where we’ll be so we’re not crashing into each other.
  • When's the best time to book?
    We book on a first-come-first-serve basis. This means you can book as early or as late as you’d like! Do keep in mind that we typically book every day of every weekend each spring and fall. So, plan accordingly and don’t wait to book especially if you have a popular date!
  • How long are the ceremony and reception coverage videos?
    Ceremony Coverage Video: This video will be the exact length of your ceremony. Whether your ceremony is 10 minutes or 60 minutes, we will capture the entire ceremony in its entirety. Of course, we’ll be incorporating multiple camera angles in the final edit. Reception Coverage Video: This video’s length will depend on how long your reception is. Typically, this video is between 45 minutes to 60 minutes long. Again, this video will showcase all of the highlights during your reception in full length.
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