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About Me

Cinematographer. Photographer. Storyteller. 

Hey! My name is Preston LaMar, and I am based in Santa Cruz County. I have been involved in the entertainment business for almost 7 years. Before starting my company in 2021, I was a theatre arts major and actor. I spent 4 years studying acting, lighting, sound, set design, and wardrobe. I was always filming videos on the side until I decided to start LaMar Productions in 2021. I had one major goal in mind. I did not want to create the typical cliche films that are out there. I wanted to create videos that were divergent while staying true to an original cinema ambiance. Within every video I create there is always a different approach, I strive to be as creative as I can, and always use new themes and artistic choices. I love my family, and I love my town. I really enjoy: the gym, running, golf, movies, acting, and above all making awesome films. Feel free to bond with me over any of the aforementioned items. I'm sure we will get along well.


For more info about weddings and all other videographer work, feel free to reach me through the contact tab up top. Check out my past work linked bellow,


Any other inquiries or questions can be sent to:

 Much love!

CEO of LaMar Productions

Past Work

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